Never engage in conversation. They will use everything you say against you. Never admit to anything.
If a police officer asks, “What is your name?” Say, “the law does not require me to provide that information.”
If a police officer says to you: “You were exceeding the speed limit”. Say, “was I?”
If asked, “do you understand” Never say “yes”, instead say, “I do not understand you in this matter.”
One of the best things to say, that will cover most scenarios is, “Am I being charged with something sir?” if the officer says “no”, then ask, “am I free to go.?”
Some other good ones to say are, “am I under arrest?” And, “What is the charge or am I free to go?”
Do not enter into “controversy” (argue) with a police officer and do not “dishonor” him by outright refusal by saying no.
Remember, ALWAYS be polite and respectful!
Please understand that the vast majority of police are fair and honorable people. The potential problems arise when that person dons the uniform, badge and gun. At this point, that person is now working for an entity which consists of politicians, lawyers, judges, prosecutors, bureaucrats, clerks, janitors, consultants, medical and fire personnel, regulators, private contractors, possibly the military and law enforcement, etc., that do not necessarily have your best interest in mind. In fact, this entity is a mindless machine, without empathy, fairness or honor. Even though it may be made up of individual people, these people, by the very nature of the machine they work for, even if they wanted to are generally not allowed to act on the feelings they otherwise would, if they were not a cog in the machine.
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