We, property owners and future property owners of Kodiak have created an email address hotline where people can send complaints about their experiences with the Kodiak Borough. That email address is: kodiakoutpost@startmail.com . These complaints can include but are not limited to: 1. overburdensome permit or zoning requirements and misinterpretation of code by overzealous borough staff resulting in undue hardship on property owners; 2. unlawful trespass on private property by borough staff and/or code enforcement; 3. the miss use of their position as borough staff and/or code enforcement to carry out personal vendetta type attacks on private citizens; 4. contractors, surveyors, builders, etc, who feel they have lost a bid or the renewal of a contract with the borough because of their beliefs or something they may have said to borough staff; 5. the firing and/or intimidation of borough employees due to their beliefs or something they may have said to borough staff; etc.

When sufficient complaints have been compiled they will be emailed and hand delivered to the Borough Assembly, Planning and Zoning and borough staff. They will also be emailed to over 300 Kodiak residence, nearly all of whom are registered voters. They will also be posted in the Kodiak Daily Mirror and on kodiakcompass.com in the link called “Property Owners Experience With Borough” in the upper right hand side of the page.

We will also publish any complimentary experiences people may have had with the borough. Your name and/or contact information will not be published or given out unless you give us permission to do so.

Please send your borough experience to kodiakoutpost@startmail.com or simply put it in the comment box below.