March 27th, 2015 Update

Here is the Kodiak Waterfront Master Plan that was produced in July, 2010. This is a long document, 240 pages, some that date back to 1985. But the first 45 pages (by the Adobe Reader counter, not the actual page number) are the most interesting. Looking through it, you can see that this is being followed, item by item. Page 45 is a timeline for completion of these projects. This document assures that if the city council members change, or if the Mayor changes, the plan continues marching forward.

For those of you who don’t live in the city and feel this does not apply to you, I would recommend taking a look. It will come out of your pockets in one way or another as we all do business in this town. These projects cause rising prices to us all in one way or another. There is one place that mentions “tariffs” on anything coming through pier 3 (Horizon Lines) in order to pay for these projects. This will make the prices of everything in Kodiak go up. This may already be happening…I haven’t done my homework on this part yet.

The next update will be after the packets are published for next weeks meetings.,%202010.pdf