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Amazing Post Taken From “Friends of Kodiak” Facebook Page

Some may think “it’s just the way things are”. The paper tigers tell us there’s no alternative and we have no choice. Too many have sacrificed too much to preserve my freedom and liberty, and I cannot in good concience idly stand by and allow a few bureaucrats to slickly and smugly steal, scam, or […]

It’s Good To Be The King!

The snipets below were painstakingly taken directly out of the proposed Kodiak Borough Code Revision.┬áThe credit for these Revelations go to the Facebook page, “Friends of Kodiak (The KIB Code Revision Discussion)” Reader Discretion is Advised! ************************************ Concerning privately owned property. The KIB Community Development Department (aka department) will “interpret”, “determine”, “resolve to their satisfaction”, […]

Strange Letter to Editor

The following Letter to the Editor was published in the Kodiak Daily Mirror on Friday, Dec. 26th, 2014. It is satire and the author did not use his real name. Click on on the photo of the article to enlarge it. Below are followup or rebuttal Letters to the Editor. The following Letter to the […]

A Metaphorical Call To Arms In Kodiak

OK everyone, it’s now crunch time! We hold the future of Kodiak in our hands. What happens at the next P and Z meeting on Jan 12th could very well determine whether Kodiak remains a relatively free town or becomes just another suburb of Southern California! The National Defense Authorization Act is horribly un American, […]

Shadow Government

Shadow Government by Jamie Fagan There exists today, for lack of a better term, a “Shadow Government” hiding in plain sight. It has been publicly exposed and admitted that the following agencies, public and private, have been, continue to and will continue to collect and archive information on us, the American people. This Shadow Government […]

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