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Rebuttal to Kodiak Daily Mirror Hit Piece

If you haven’t read the opinion/hit piece from last Friday’s Mirror, you should. It slammed everyone involved in stopping the code revision, every single person that got up and spoke their heart out and every person that showed up at those meetings! It made a mockery out of 10% of the population of Kodiak! The […]

Agenda 21-Part 2: The Nature of the Beast

Agenda 21-Part 2: The Nature of the Beast The most difficult part for most people when attempting to wrap their head around Agenda 21 [(besides the concerted effort – by the very people who are implementing it – to keep it hidden (See Footnote 1)] is coming to terms with how these ruling elite and their subordinate […]

A Note on Our Victory Over the Kodiak Borough Code Revision!

It’s now been made official what most of us already knew. On March 12th the borough assembly made it absolutely clear that sections 16, 17 and 18 of the Kodiak code draft revision are gone and dead! No resurrecting will be attempted! They are kaput! Once again, good job Kodiak and congratulations! This victory over […]

First Video in a Series about Kodiakans Defeat of the Code Revision and an Experts Analysis of our Property Rights

  Click on this link to see a photo journal of Kodiak:      

Rebuttal to “Kodiak Drug War”

Rebuttal to “Kodiak Drug War” Letter to the Editor Miss Bellingers’ Letter to the Editor drips with ignorance and exudes an arrogance that reflects an obvious level of indoctrination leaning toward the “Right” side of the fake left/right paradigm. The “war on drugs” from any measurable metric, has been an absolute and utter failure! Unless […]


Agenda 21 – Do the Ends Justify the Means?

This horrific code draft revision that we have been battling has no doubt been greatly influenced by Agenda 21. We are all aware that Kodiak was a member of ICLEI and, from what I’ve been able to determine, we dropped out of that organization in 2012. Although I’m not 100% sure about that.   There […]

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Free Speech vs. the borough Draft Code Revision. What If?

What if the churches, ministers, preachers and church elders were not so afraid of losing their tax exempt status and would speak out? What if borough, city, state and federal employees were not so intimidated and so afraid of loosing their jobs and would speak out? What if contractors, electricians, surveyors, plumbers and builders were […]

Property Rights As a Cornerstone of Freedom

We, property owners and future property owners of Kodiak have created an email address hotline where people can send complaints about their experiences with the Kodiak Borough. That email address is: kodiakoutpost@startmailcom . These complaints can include but are not limited to: 1. overburdensome permit or zoning requirements and misinterpretation of code by overzealous borough staff resulting in […]

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The Danger of Administrative Law (Code)!

The borough code issues we are faced with in Kodiak today are the nearly IDENTICAL issues faced by the founders of our country. Namely, what are the natural rights of human beings and what rights do governments have over those human beings? The founders of our country tried to address those issues in the Bill […]

On April 8th, 2013 Fairbanks City Council unanimously rejected UN Agenda 21! Communities all over the country have begun waking up to the nefarious nature of these new cookie cutter codes! More useful links:    

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