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Need Replacement for Failing financial System and Currency. Cryptocurrencies may just be the Ticket!
Cannot be Counterfeited, Printed or Created out of thin Air!
Cannot be Confiscated!
Decentralized! No Controlling Authority! Governance by Consensus!
Bitcoin up 180,000% Since Inception!
Only 21 Million Bitcoins Will Ever Exist!
Only Market Left not Being Manipulated!
Screaming Hyperinflation!
A Near Perfect Medium of Free and Fair Exchange!
Snowden and Assange Confirmation!
The “Club” will lose Control of their Ability to Rig Markets Soon!
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Hello Kodiak,

We are going to need a replacement for our failing, immoral, illegal, unConstitutional, corrupt and criminal banking system. Cryptocurrencies are very likely to play a huge role in this replacement, along with gold and silver. It is likely that a monumental financial/banking/economic collapse is just around the corner and when the dust settles we can never again allow these same criminal banking institutions to monopolize, control and manipulate our means of exchange (money). There is no doubt that they are and have been planning for this event for a long time. We should do the same thing.

After studying these cryptocurrencies for some time now, I’ve come to the conclusion that if used correctly, they will be the kryptonite and antithesis to this criminal Cabal, a bright shining light amidst their darkness of lies and deceit! This is because, unlike our current unConstitutional, illegal, debt based monetary system based on counterfeit Federal Reserve Notes, cryptocurrencies cannot be created out of thin air or counterfeited by a centralized group of criminals. For example. There are only a maximum of 21 million Bitcoins that will ever exist! Ever! They cannot be printed, magically conjured up on a computer hard drive or penciled into existence on a bankers ledger.

Another amazing characteristic of cryptocurrencies is that they cannot be confiscated by government or entities pretending to be government. Bank accounts, gold, silver, land, boats, cars, etc, can all be confiscated by government. However, in the case of cryptocurrencies if they don’t know you have them, how can anyone confiscate them? Even if they do somehow find out that you have some, they can’t take them away unless you give them the keys.

The genius of the decentralization of cryptocurrencies never ceases to amaze me! There is no boss, manager, CEO, Board of Directors or centralized authority figure. Governance is by open source democratic consensus. And it works amazingly well!

There are also a few other incredible characteristics of these cryptocurrencies that when taken all together, create a near perfect medium of free and fair exchange.

Bitcoin, the oldest and most well known digital or cryptocurrency, recently hit a new all time high. The astounding growth of Bitcoin over the last 5 years is reminiscent of what happened to Microsoft in the 1980s and Apple Computer in the early 2000s, except that Bitcoin is even more incredible!

Bitcoin debuted in Jan. 2009 at 7 cents. That’s right $0.07! A few day ago it rose above $1250! As incredible as it sounds that is almost a 180,000% increase! Many Bitcoin billionaires and thousands upon thousands of millionaires have been created.

Bitcoin is not the only one either. There are now hundreds of these cryptocurrency’s springing up in the wake of the success of Bitcoin. Most of them will, I believe, end up in the dust bin of history, much like most of the dot com stocks. However, I believe there are several of them including Bitcoin that are not only likely to survive but to thrive! A few of these are Monero, Dash, Ethereum and Ripple. Many of these are up 1000% or more in the last few months. A few of them are up 3000%, 4000% or even 5000% in that same time.

What’s the reason they are exploding in price at the moment? I believe the reason is because cryptocurrencies are the only markets left on the planet that are not being manipulated by the criminal banking/political/intelligence/military establishment. I believe there is something afoot, something going on behind the scenes and Bitcoin and the other cryptos are reacting to it the way a free market is supposed to react. They are reacting to the imminent demise of the Petro Dollar as the reserve currency of the world. Hyper-inflation is coming and these cryptocurrencies can smell it.

You may be asking yourself, well, why are gold and silver not also exploding to the upside and why is the dollar so strong? (For a detailed analysis of this issue go to: ). As mentioned before, all markets except crypto’s are rigged or manipulated mainly for the purpose of maintaining the value of the U.S. dollar. I could go on for pages about this stuff but I’ll try to keep it as short as possible.

The currency exchange markets, interest rate markets, bond markets, stock markets and commodity markets (especially gold and silver) are all rigged using every tool/means possible by this criminal class. This overt manipulation is euphemistically called the “Strong Dollar Policy”. The most powerful “tool” they have are super complex derivatives that magically multiply the value of certain financial instruments by a factor of 10, 20, 50 and even 100. This massive leverage allows these crooks to move markets as easy as changing the dial on your thermostat at home.

Now, thanks to people like Edward Snowden and Julian Assange, we now have confirmation of what we have suspected for a very long time, that is, that the intelligence agencies such as CIA, NSA, Massad, MI5/MI6, etc, have been and continue to spy and collect any and all digital communications on virtually every one. Of course these intelligence agencies work for the highest bidder which happen to be the Bankers.

Here’s how it works. These bankers commission the Intel agencies to collect as much dirt as they can, mostly on politicians and regulators (and other “assets” they might one day find a beneficial use for) that they want to get to vote a particular way, on a particular bill or regulation, etc, and of course use this dirt to blackmail them. If the politician happens to be squeaky clean it’s a piece of cake for these Intel Agencies, with hundreds of billions (for all practical purposes they have an infinite supply of money) of tax payer dollars in their coffers and all their sophisticated James Bondish spying equipment to frame and/or set them up for a crime that they had nothing to do with. When faced with spending years in prison and/or having their entire life ruined, most of these clean politicians play ball. Now, of course they are nothing more than a yes man for the criminal banking cabal for the rest of their political career.

In short, all of this skulduggery is used, among other things, to illegally manipulate the markets as these bankers see fit. And boy do they sure rig the gold and silver markets! Literally billions of dollars of funny money (derivatives) are traded every day between the big Wall St and European banks in order to smash their prices. The reason why they are so concerned about keeping gold and silver prices low is because people would take notice if their prices were allowed to appreciate to their fair market price. If people started seeing gold at $10,000 and silver at $600 it wouldn’t take them long for them to realize that there’s something not right with the dollar. You see, the value of the dollar is a confidence game and once confidence is lost, the U.S. dollar will collapse!

The point of all of this is that since Bitcoin and the other Cryptos are not manipulated and their free market fundamentals still function correctly, then these massive moves upward in the cryptos are screaming hyper-inflation. If the gold and silver markets were not manipulated downward by these criminals, their prices, in dollars would be sky rocketing as well.

I believe that a point will be reached in the declining value of the dollar that will make it impossible for the “club” to effectively rig these metals markets any longer.

I’m not a financial adviser and none of the information in this article is intended to be used as financial advise. That being said, I have taken roughly 20% of my investable money and put half of it into cryptos and kept the other half liquid, waiting for a pullback and another great buying opportunity in cryptos.

There is a great 6 part series of short videos by Amanda B Johnson called Dash School. In a short amount of time this series does a great job of explaining exactly what cryptocurrencies are and how they work. It is even a little entertaining to boot! See link:

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