A Young friend of the family, a few days ago, told me out of the blue that only “white” people can be racist. Rather shocked, I asked her if it is OK for black people to be racist toward white people and she said it was OK. I then asked her the same question about Asian and Hispanic people. She said that it is impossible for any race beside “white” people to be racist. I was shocked but not surprised as this same narrative has been and is still being force fed to the populous in an obvious attempt to condition people into hating the so called “white” race.

Throughout history we see examples of the Ruling Class Elite, via their puppet governments, successfully indoctrinating the masses to hate the “enemy”. This is an absolute prerequisite for war or mass genicide. The “enemy” must be perceived by the masses as vile and evil in order to make it tolerable to criticize, threaten, suppress, roundup and to eventually begin killing them. This psychological technique was used on the German people to demonize the Jews, Protestants, minorities, handicapped, etc and eventually to exterminate them. It was also very successfully used to get the Soviet citizens to roundup, incarcerate and exterminate so called capitalists and anyone who was deemed wealthy or had “too much” private property. The same atrocities for the same reasons took place in Maoist China after WW2.

Please note that it is never the people of a country but the government of a country that is responsible for pushing its citizens into war. Massive propaganda campaigns, false flag attacks, lies on top of lies, silencing of critics by any means necessary are used by virtually all countries in order to justify an invasion of a sovereign nation. This same technique was used to condition the people to accept the invasion of Vietnam. It was used on the American people to demonize both the Japanese and Germans during WW2. It was used successfully again in 1991 and 2003 in the invasions of Iraq, in 2011 against Libya and so far this technique has been unsuccessful in convincing enough people that an invasion of Syria is justified. No doubt the lies and demonization of Syria will continue in order to get the people of the U.S. to accept an invasion of this sovereign nation.

It is impossible for any person not suffering from cognitive dissonance to study the techniques being implemented today in the US and Europe to demonize “white” people and not see the glaring, in your face, similarities to the techniques mentioned above by governments to get the people to go to war.

No doubt many people reading this are reciting the talking point that, “white man stole the Indians land”. For one thing, it was not the “white man” that stole the Indians land. It was the entity known as government that allowed the theft of the Indian land. The government signed the treaties with the Indians that they broke before the ink was dry in nearly every case. It was the government that supplied the armies that massacred whole villages of Indians. One could argue that the “white man” benefitted from the government theft of this land. But don’t put the cart before the horse. The genocide that was perpetrated upon the American Indian would have been impossible if not for government. If fact, none of the atrocities mentioned above would have been possible but for government.

What does being “white” mean? In the George Zimmerman case, where a half Hispanic and half Jewish “white” man is accused of shooting an unarmed black man, which half of Zimmerman is considered the “white” half? Is it the Hispanic side or the Jewish side or both? Maybe it was determined by somebody that Zimmerman looked just white enough for this incident to be used by the race baiters to further divide the people along racial lines?

In order to be considered “white”, does one have to have blond hair and blue eyes? What about brown eyes and blond hair? Or how about blue eyes and black hair? How about skin color? In the spectrum of skin color, going from ivory white to dark brown, at what shade is one no longer considered “white”? Is there a color comparison chart for this? What about genetic make up? Is one considered “white” if they are half Swedish and half Moroccan? How about half Canadian and half Indian? What if someone is half Russian and half second generation American of Chinese descent? How about if someone’s great, great Grand Dad was a slave owner and his other great, great Grand Dad was a Slave?

These examples illustrate how foolish, ridiculous, absurd and illogical the whole “White Privilege” narrative really is by showing the impossibility of even making a determination of what or who a “white” person even is.

In fact, the apparent acceptance of this narrative, indicates the extreme level of indoctrination that modern society has been subjected to when most people cannot see the absolute insanity and hypocrisy of these beliefs.

In the story, The Emperor Has No Cloths, the little boy is the only one untouched enough by the conditioning process, to see the truth and admit it. The same would be true of an innocent child that has not been indoctrinated enough to prevent him from seeing the truth. He would easily be able to see through the veil of this false narrative that is relentlessly shoved down our throats 24/7 and determine the absurdity and hypocrisy of the argument that only “white” people can be racist. Unfortunately and incredibly, it seems, the majority of adults cannot see through their conditioning.