Common Core standards were written behind closed doors and no minutes of those meeting were ever released. The ink had yet to dry on the document that committed 48 governors, under financial pressure, to implement Common Core and was then changed to cede power from local authority to regional boards of federally appointed bureaucrats. There will be no escape in home schooling or private schools either, because the curriculum will follow national tests.

An example of how to do Common Core subtraction: 325 – 38 = ? First, add 2 to 38 to get an even number of 40 and then add 60 to 40 to get an even number of 100, then add 200 to 100 to get an even number of 300, then add the 2+60+200+25 to get the answer. A simple 2 step process is now a 6 step process. How do kids learn to subtract when they don’t do any subtracting? How is this an improvement over the old system? How is this helping our children? How is this going to help them get and hold a job?

Why were Common Core standards written behind closed doors? Why were no minutes ever released of those meetings? Why did the Alaska Dept. of Education implement something called “Alaska Academic Standard”, which is nearly identical in every way to Common Core, even after the state legislature voted Common Core down? This is the usurpation and abuse of legislative power by a state government agency that was never intended to possess that power. What is the point in having a state legislature if a few unelected bureaucrats can so easily do an end run around the legitimate law makers simply by changing its name and, decreeing it so?

“Common Core will reduce the ability of critical thinking skills, because students will not be taught how to read between the lines of the complex literary texts they were once taught how to read”.
– Dr. Stotsky (one out of five of the authors of Common Core who refused to sign off on it)
In other words Common Core will reduce the individuals ability to analyze complex ideas and patterns. The children will become information gathering devises similar to a computer waiting to be programmed. An entire generation will grow up without the mental tools needed to truly understand and differentiate the subtleties and nuances needed for critical thinking and the creation of original ideas. As a result, these people will become difficult to employ, less likely to be able to live an independent lifestyle, easy targets of propagandists, unquestioning of authority and more easily controlled.

Out of the 29 “experts” who wrote the Common Core Standards, exactly one person was an actual K-12 teacher. The rest were academics with zero experience in the real world of education. Would we allow a group of academics with zero experience in actual hands on surgical experience write and design a set of standards that would be implemented for a hospital that specialized in surgeries? Probably not. So why did we allow a group of academics who have never taken a step inside a K-12 classroom, as a teacher, write and design the most drastic change to our education system in a lifetime?

Bill Gates is the single largest private donor to Common Core. Like gun control, vaccination and a long list of other issues, this is another example of “do as I say, not as I do” by the hypocritical elite class. Gates’ kids do not attend a Common Core school, nor does the presidents kids nor most members of Congress’s kids.

Gates said in a speech in 2013 that “we won’t know if Common Core will work for probably a decade”. So, in 2023, there is a chance that we will have educated hundreds of millions of kids with a curriculum that does not work and those hundreds of millions could very well be dysfunctional, near unemployable, barely able to read, write, add or subtract. But that’s a chance Bill Gates is willing to take with everyone else’s kids.

Every child learns differently in their own unique way. This is because each child is a unique individual. This is basic common sense and the only people this seems to come as a revelation to are the promoters of Common Core who apparently see each child as a blank slate on the K-12 assembly line. Teaching children as if they are just “Another Brick in the Wall” (if you have not seen this Pink Floyd music video, I very strongly urge you to watch it – They were geniuses 35 years ahead of their time) is the absolute surest way to discourage motivation and learning. Children are individuals first. When this simple fact is ignored then the education of children becomes drudgery rather than a fun and happy experience.

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Jamie Fagan

Note: For an hilarious, entertaining and slightly frightening video of what is happening in our schools, please watch this video.