If we allow emotion instead of reason, mob rule instead of our Constitution to dictate our actions, we are no better than every other failed state that has come before us. If we don’t stand for principle we will fall for anything. And fall we will, indeed.

The killings that took place in S. Carolina are horrific beyond words. However, the knee jerk, emotional reaction to ban a flag, is nothing less than the banning of free speech. Free speech isn’t just for speech that the majority likes. The 1st Amendment was specifically written to protect minority opinion no matter how big the mob or how hard the mob whines, screams or complains. History has shown repeatedly that this type of perceived majority mob-mentality is almost always wrong. Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and Hitler would be proud.

Perhaps instead of blindly following the latest trend on NSA’s Facebook, it’s time to break away from the herd mentality we have been conditioned to believe in and start looking for the real cause. Most likely it will turn out, as it does with most of these mass killings, that this kid has been on mind altering psychotropic drugs since he was six years old. The inserts for these drugs say, “may cause psychotic or suicidal tendencies” and then we are surprised when they do?

This flag issue provided perfect cover to distract the masses while the traitors in DC sold themselves, along with the rest of us, once again, to corporate interests. A secret trade deal (TPP) that no one was allowed to read, including the congressman who voted for it, was passed the day after this shooting. It will make all signatory countries slaves to the corporations who wrote it. No doubt there is more nefariousness to this secret deal than we know. Why else would they keep it secret. Secrets are kept so lies can be told.

Remember, “never let a good tragedy go to waste”. From the Tray Von Martin shooting by a Jewish Hispanic man, that was twisted and promoted as a white on black “hate crime”, to all the other tragic killings of black men by police, all are being promoted as white hatred of blacks. No doubt this type of racism exists but is it all whites against blacks as the corporate media would have us believe? Wouldn’t it be just as tragic if the victim happened to be Asian, Hispanic, Native American or Caucasian? Would it make headline news if a black cop shot an innocent white man (this occurs often but we never hear about it) or would it be considered racist to point out that fact?

Example: Last year, a white, 93 year old WW2 veteran was beaten to death by two black teenagers for sport. Did you hear about this? Imagine the nonstop propaganda from the controlled corporate media had the colors been reversed. Again, no doubt I will get the “racist” label for pointing this out and the fact that the black on white crime rate is much greater than the other way around, yet we never hear about it.

The only logical reasons the Establishment could have for such flagrant propaganda is to further divide us along racial lines and to provide cover for such things as the TPP. It’s very troubling that so many have taken this bait.

We all know the victors write the history. Why would this war be any different?
What you are not supposed to know about Lincoln and his war.
Lincoln Facts: wanted the Constitution to make slavery “irrevocable”; did not invade the South to stop slavery; killed 750,000 Americans; imprisoned 10,000+ political opponents; imprisoned opposition congressman; Emancipation Proclamation did not free N. slave; shutdown 100’s of opposition newspapers; waged war on civilians; wanted to deport slaves to Central & S. America; was a corporate lawyer for the railroads; married the daughter of wealthy slave owner; was a white supremacist; was a lobbyist for the railroad industry; ruled as a dictator
Other Facts: most Union generals had slaves; “free” blacks in the N. were whipped for minor offenses; New Englanders wanted to eradicate free blacks from their midst; Illinois, “Land of Lincoln,” prohibited immigration of blacks into the state; N. blacks marched in segregated units; S. blacks marched with everyone else; Indians owned slaves; the slave trade bankrolled/headquartered in N.; war was waged to protect the rich who bank rolled Lincoln; N. blacks were mostly conscripted; S. blacks were mostly voluntary; N. used POWs as human shields; 65% of the S. POWs defected to the S.; many S. blacks were free and owned property; N. committed unspeakable atrocities against S. civilians.


Jamie Fagan