If you haven’t read the opinion/hit piece from last Friday’s Mirror, you should. It slammed everyone involved in stopping the code revision, every single person that got up and spoke their heart out and every person that showed up at those meetings! It made a mockery out of 10% of the population of Kodiak!

The author seems to be fixated on the local PANDA organization and Kodiak Compass. He’s implying that these two organizations are the driving force behind the code victory. There is no doubt that these two organizations played a minimal role in the code victory and it would be disingenuous of me to say otherwise. But by crediting the victory solely to these organizations, he is giving a big slap in the face to all those people who were fighting this code long before Kodiak PANDA or Kodiak Compass were around and all the people who spent hours and hours of their own time, some going door to door, some handing out their own flyers, making phone calls, sending emails, writing letters to the editor, etc, with no encouragement or help from either of these two organizations.

Besides the usual “tin hat” accusations, maybe I’m wrong but it seemed the author was implying that there is some kind of hidden entity or force behind our victory? If that is what he was implying I want to make this perfectly clear, there is no “behind the scenes” power or entity pulling strings or giving orders! Both Dan Johnson (PANDA) and Rosa Koire (Agenda 21- Behind the Green Mask) have helped marginally, but no more than any other single person who showed up to those P & Z meetings! They have both given me much needed advice and nothing more.

I understand that minority opinions are very important, in fact that’s one of the reasons our Bill of Rights were created and ratified, to protect individual rights, including opinions. That being said, out of the two big P & Z meetings there must have been over 100 people who spoke out and not one person, to my knowledge, spoke out in favor of the new code or in any way, shape or form said or implied anything similar to what Mr. Ross is claiming in his piece. This is more confirmation, in my mind that the Mirror is not representing the people of Kodiak and in fact they are the ones who have some kind of hidden agenda and/or nefarious backers behind them!

To his accusation that Kodiak PANDA “morphed into a property rights group”, he is absolutely dead on! To try and make it appear as if there is some kind of nefarious or sinister nature to the fact that after the PANDA resolution failed in August of 2014 we changed our emphasis to something else – to another area that was more immediate and more pressing, is like trying to make it appear sinister that the number 7 comes after number 6! “My God, did you hear that number 7 comes after number 6? The outrage!” It is a perfectly natural progression for Kodiak PANDA to move on to something else as we wait for the required year before we can submit our PANDA resolution again and utterly absurd to try and make it into some kind of an outrage!

As for the questioning of the motives as to why everyone waited until the last minute to get involved? I don’t really think I need to explain this to the people who showed up at those meetings. But for the sake of the skeptics, the simple reason is that people just did not know exactly how bad the new code was until it was pointed out to them. And almost all of us, including me, are guilty of apathy and indifference towards our local politics, including the code revision. Many people have known for years that there was something very wrong even with the existing code, but were too busy with life or just did not know how to get involved or what they could do individually and so when we put out our “Madison Ave.” like campaign, mailed the flyers, the radio and newspaper ads…… a fuse that had been burning for years suddenly lit off the explosion of concern and outrage that we all saw at the two P & Z meetings! Nothing sinister there.

As far as Agenda 21 is concerned, I understand it is very hard for many people to accept. Many people in our group, including people who understand exactly what Agenda 21 is, people who I have tremendous respect for, think we should not talk about it or discuss it as it will discredit us! Many times it has crossed my mind to drop the whole Agenda 21 angle. But every time I start thinking that way my thinking always circles back to the fact that even though we won a huge victory, unless or until there are massive, drastic and profound changes in our political system this Agenda is not going to stop, ever! And I believe as our freedoms continue to erode, more and more people are going to start connecting the dots to this Agenda, and if fact, that is exactly what is happening.

Continuing to keep our heads buried in the sand is not going to make it go away. Einstein said, “the only thing more dangerous than ignorance is arrogance”. I believe he is correct with one exception, the combination of the two is far worse. In fact, I believe when a group of people are both ignorant of a subject and too arrogant to do any kind of investigation into the subject of their ignorance, the potential danger is far greater than simply the sum of the two!

Calling an idea a conspiracy has been and continues to be a very effective tool to discredit legitimate ideas. Every plan in which more than one person is involved, is in some manner a conspiracy. When Ron Paul was chairman of the Banking subcommittee and he was questioning the Federal Reserve chairman about whom the Federal Reserve had given two trillion of our tax payer dollars to and why, in a very blatant attempt to discredit congressman Paul, he himself was asked, “Dr. Paul, are you implying that there is some kind of conspiracy going on?“, to which Dr. Paul replied, “you call it what you want, I just call it a plan!” Agenda 21 is simply a plan! It is in plain sight for all to see. One needs simply to open their eyes. “No one is as blind as those who refuse to see” -unknown

In this age of information being ignorant is a choice. It is not an insult to call someone ignorant. It simply means that person is lacking in knowledge. We are all ignorant of many things. What is the cure for ignorance? Investigation and study but most importantly an open mind! When someone is ignorant of a topic such as Agenda 21, but continues to dismiss that topic out of hand without doing so much as a modicum of independent investigation shows a closed mind epitomized by arrogance! The victim of this arrogance is suffering from tunnel vision and normalcy bias. To them, topics such as Agenda 21 can’t be real because it is too far outside of their understanding of what they consider “normal” and does not conform to their world view. People continue to dismiss such ideas, in the face of overwhelming evidence of their existence, including hundreds of published official government documents admitting and describing Agenda 21 in minute detail, piles of well researched articles by very credible researchers and scholars, dozens of books written on the topic and hundreds of direct quotes from the very people who are orchestrating Agenda 21 who blatantly and proudly admit to carrying out this very plan! You may ask, “if they are admitting to carrying out this Agenda, then why don’t we all know about it?” That question has already been answered above, and it is, the natural human traits of, tunnel vision, normalcy bias and a closed mind! The Globalists are very much aware of these traits and are arrogantly counting on them to keep the masses in a state of ignorance. It is working quite well!

The other major reason people are remaining ignorant of the topic of Agenda 21 is that it has become politicized. In other words it’s become a “left/right” issue. Many people on the so called “left” simply refuse to read or investigate anything about Agenda 21 due to their erroneous belief that it is somehow an imaginary creation of those wacky people on the so called “right”. The same thing occurs the other way around, where the “right” refuses to read or investigate legitimate allegations or ideas made by the “left”. It’s interesting how this whole “left/right” divide has kept an extraordinary number of people ignorant about incredibly important and real topics, ideas and allegations on both sides!

His remarks about how we advocate “returning to the gold standard” are incorrect as we never said that, although there is link at Kodiak Compass to a letter from former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan penned back in 1966 before he went to the dark side, which discusses the benefits of a gold standard. And attempting once again to make something sound sinister when in fact it is a virtue, which returning to a gold standard would absolutely be, as the benefits would be astounding. If you are interested Alan Greenspan’s article is great!

The owners of the Mirror can do as they please with their own paper. However, being the only newspaper in town gives them a monopoly on what local information most of us receive. The mirror has proven themselves time and time again to massively misrepresent or underreport the most relevant and important local news on a regular basis. Are they just really bad at reporting the news or is someone ordering them not to report or underreport or misrepresent certain categories of news? I suspect the latter but that is just a guess. Ideally, we should have another newspaper in town, that would give the other side of the story. If anyone has any ideas on how to make that happen please let me know, I’ll help out in any way I can.


Jamie Fagan