Rebuttal to “Kodiak Drug War” Letter to the Editor

Miss Bellingers’ Letter to the Editor drips with ignorance and exudes an arrogance that reflects an obvious level of indoctrination leaning toward the “Right” side of the fake left/right paradigm. The “war on drugs” from any measurable metric, has been an absolute and utter failure! Unless the true intent of this “war” is to put millions of non-violent offenders in prison thereby mandating the release of violent offenders, inflate the street price of illegal drugs to astronomical levels thereby actually increasing the flow of narcotics into this country, increase both criminal and police violence, bypass the Posse Comitatus Act via the militarization of our local police, increase unconstitutional-warrantless spying, destroy our Bill of Rights/Constitution and increase profits for the security/prison industrial complex! If so, than it has been a smashing success!

Let me ask you Miss Bellingers, what do you suppose would have happened if the father in that house would have had a gun in his hand? The normal reaction when your door is kicked in is to reach for a gun or knife or some type of weapon. Or how about if one of the kids would have had a toy gun in his hand or perhaps some object that simply looked like a gun? My point is that these militarized “SWAT” type raids are more and more often turning into a death sentence for innocent people, often times children. And it’s happening with more frequency as local law enforcement agencies across the country are being infiltrated by multiple Federal agencies! So when you say, “get used to it”, what exactly do you mean? Do you mean that we should get used to having our doors kicked in, in the middle of the night, risking our families lives? That seems to be what you are saying and therefore, by deduction, are you saying that the families of the innocent people who are killed in these raids need to “get used to having a dead family member?

Miss Bellinger, even though you did not come right out and say it, it is quite obvious that you feel that the “ends justify the means“. In other words, as long as we catch the the drug dealer (bad guy), the fact that this families Constitutional rights were blatantly violated and innocent lives were needlessly put at risk doesn’t matter to you! The “ends justify the means” has been the excuse for the most heinous acts of violence and repression/persecution against humanity, including mass murder, internment of innocent civilians, rape and torture of civilian populations by their own governments since time immemorial!

This drug dealer was not known to be violent, he was unarmed and is 61 years old. The raiding squad new exactly where he lived, what car he drove, that he worked at Safeway and what he looked like. It seems it would not have been too difficult to put the house under surveillance and simply arrested him when he came out, thereby completely eliminating any chance of there being an unintended shooting or a close quarters shoot out with innocent children nearby. I would like to ask the members of that raiding party if it was their family that was being raided, would they still have been so eager to participate and allow this raid to proceed? I would very much like to speak to any officer that took part in that raid and ask them that question. If you took part in the raid and would like to discuss this issue or give me a piece of your mind, that would be great! My number is 942-7026. I will not publish anything you say unless I get your permission.

My guess is that the KDP was given “free” money and/or some new toys by the Feds as a grant/bribe to accept their Federalization and they have been chomping at the bit to spend that money and use those toys! Looks like they finally got their chance.

I knew it would only be a matter of time before this type of thuggish, tyrannical abuse of power started happening after the city council “Federalized” the police force last year. This raid is a perfect example of the abuse of power that ALWAYS happens when too much power and authority are given to any single entity, especially if that entity has lots of guns.

City Council and Mayor Branson, it’s time to de-Federalize the KPD and stop these unnecessary, immoral, unconstitutional and extremely dangerous raids. When YOU voted for the Federalization of the city police, I know for a fact that most, if not all of you, were not even aware of what you voted for! I was told that fact directly from one of the city council members personally! So, you have an excuse. You did not understand what you were voting for. Now you do! Education is a wonderful thing. Now that you know you made a huge error in judgment, it’s time to correct that error before it becomes a permanent mistake!

There are reasons why communities such as Kodiak have local Law enforcement and not just millions of Federal agents policing the entire country. A half a century ago people understood those reasons. It seems we don’t so much anymore. The most important reason is that the local police see issues from a different perspective than Federal agents do. To the local police officer, the towns people are his friends, neighbors and acquaintances. To the Federal agent, however, the towns people are strangers and potential “suspects”. The point I’m getting at is that, in all likelihood the local people are much more likely to be treated with kindness and respect from the local police officer who is possibly a friend or neighbor than from a Federal agent that sees the people as strangers. On the same line of reasoning, with a local police force, if there is an issue or problem that comes up, it’s not such a difficult task to go to the city council or police chief and voice your concern. Generally, if enough people keep having the same issue and voicing their concerns to the council and police chief, chances are good that eventually those issues will be addressed. Good luck ever getting any kind of a problem or issue resolved with a Federal policing agency!

I mean no disrespect to the individual officers who participated in this raid. I’m sure they are well meaning, intelligent and extremely brave individuals. What I do have a problem with is the Federal machine that they now work for. Although the individual officers can feel empathy and remorse, the Federal machine that they now work for cannot! Machines by their vary nature are incapable of feeling! The officers are simply a cog in this machine that consists of judges, lawyers, bureaucrats, federal, state and local politicians, regulators, clerks, janitors, accountants, police, etc. If that raid would have gone terribly wrong and God forbid an innocent child would have been hurt, the individual officers involved and the people of Kodiak would have felt incredible remorse and sadness. But the Federal machine the KPD now works for would have felt absolutely nothing! To that machine it would have been simply the “cost of doing business“! Before an innocent person does get hurt or killed in one of these Federal raids let’s return local law enforcement to Local Law Enforcement!

Jamie Fagan

“In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”
-George Orwell

“Violence is the tool of the state, knowledge and mind are the tools of a free people”
-Lew Rockwell

“The hulking machinery of tyranny constructed upon the foundations of 9/11 only needs one thing to roar to life: a spark of ignition”.
-S.K. Bain


Below is the original Letter to a Editor. Above is the Rebuttal.