Want Affordable Housing for Kodiak? Choose Opt-Out!

You will see the illusions within which you have lived, and you will realize your guilt in the same breath that you behold your victimhood. -Judge Anna von Reitz Recently, Kodiak Assembly member Crow proposed an alternative ordinance, that would keep the 2012 residential building code but allow a person to “opt-out”, and be allowed […]

Multiculturalism: Designed to Fail!

If not for the “Bombs For Democracy” campaign being waged by the U.S., Israel, Saudi Arabia and the other NATO countries, in order to topple mostly secular Muslim countries, there would be no Muslim refugee crisis – period. Many people, such as Ron Paul have been screaming from the roof tops for decades that our […]

The Grotesque Truth! It Needs to Be Exposed!

The article below explains the corporate, semantic fraud that has been perpetrated upon us for over 150 years. This deceit is what has enabled the criminal takeover of what we have been led to believe are government entities. It is the reason the banks feel that it’s OK to commit massive fraud, in broad daylight, […]

Bubble In Search of a Pin

Central banks peddle only one thing … Debt! Before the existence of the Western central banking system and the Federal Reserve, the U.S. Treasury Dept. “coined” and distributed the nations money. There was no private central bank creating money out of thin air (debt) and loaning it, at interest, to the U.S. government. In other […]

Is It True That Only “white” People Can Be Racist?

A Young friend of the family, a few days ago, told me out of the blue that only “white” people can be racist. Rather shocked, I asked her if it is OK for black people to be racist toward white people and she said it was OK. I then asked her the same question about […]

Seeking The Truth

Seeking The Truth When people seek the Truth, they most often possess preconceived ideas about what that Truth will look like. They assume, for example, that finding the Truth will make them happy, successful, and healthy. They often believe that Truth will support their ego in its own expression and desire. They may think that […]

Can You Handle the Truth About ISIS

“I would literally shoot his planes down if he attacked the people we trained because we have to do that. It is not right by the American president to entice people to come to a fight, train and equip them, side with them on their cause, and sit back and watch them being slaughtered by […]

What You Don’t Know About Common Core Can Hurt You!

  Common Core standards were written behind closed doors and no minutes of those meeting were ever released. The ink had yet to dry on the document that committed 48 governors, under financial pressure, to implement Common Core and was then changed to cede power from local authority to regional boards of federally appointed bureaucrats. […]

Just War!

Just War “The further a society drifts from the truth the more it will hate those who speak it.” -George Orwell During the Nuremberg Trials held after WW2 it was decided that the Nazi wars of aggression against other European nations to be a War Crime. German military officers were tried and hung for those […]

The New Meaning of “Tolerance”

In the book “1984”, George Orwell illustrated extremely well how totalitarian states manipulate language to control the masses. In his book, Orwell develops terms like “newspeak”, “group think”, “freedom is slavery”, etc., to show how language can program people into believing things they would otherwise never believe. Today, the meaning of the term “tolerance” has […]

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