Vaccination Exemption Form


Gun Free Zone Registration

Thank you for showing your solidarity to the other Kodiakans who have courageously opted to make their home a “GUN FREE ZONE”! Add your Name and Address in the Comment box below and we will post this list once a month in the Kodiak Daily Mirror.  You can also email a photo of your “Gun […]

Questions for Assemblyman Matt Van Daele

1.       Does he see any conflict voting as a borough assemblyman, while also being selected by the city to serve as their assistant manager and represent the City of Kodiak in that capacity? Does he see a conflict:   a.       Voting to assess the new fees for an e-911 system and services, that committed borough […]

The Hypocrisy of Pretending You Want Affordable Housing, but Doing Everything in Your Power to Prevent it!

I’ve been a commercial fisherman in Kodiak for nearly 25 years. Over that time I’ve known many fellow fisherman who really loved it here in Kodiak and really wanted to stay. But because of the horrendous cost of living – of which an onerous and often times absurd code standard played no small part – […]

Open Letter to Senator Sullivan – Why Our Cities Are Choking to Death On Afgan Heroin 16 Years After Our Invasion and Why?

Honorable Senator Dan Sullivan 702 Hart Senate Office Building Washington, D.C. 20510 Dear Senator Sullivan, Heroin is devastating our country and Alaska is not being spared. I was encouraged to read that you hosted a town hall meeting in Wasilla last year to discuss the heroin problem in Alaska. Here in Kodiak lives are being […]

Rethinking Cryptocurrencies. From Gold Bug to Crypto Geek!

Summery of Article Need Replacement for Failing financial System and Currency. Cryptocurrencies may just be the Ticket! Cannot be Counterfeited, Printed or Created out of thin Air! Cannot be Confiscated! Decentralized! No Controlling Authority! Governance by Consensus! Bitcoin up 180,000% Since Inception! Only 21 Million Bitcoins Will Ever Exist! Only Market Left not Being Manipulated! […]

Want Affordable Housing for Kodiak? Choose Opt-Out!

You will see the illusions within which you have lived, and you will realize your guilt in the same breath that you behold your victimhood. -Judge Anna von Reitz Recently, Kodiak Assembly member Crow proposed an alternative ordinance, that would keep the 2012 residential building code but allow a person to “opt-out”, and be allowed […]

Multiculturalism: Designed to Fail!

If not for the “Bombs For Democracy” campaign being waged by the U.S., Israel, Saudi Arabia and the other NATO countries, in order to topple mostly secular Muslim countries, there would be no Muslim refugee crisis – period. Many people, such as Ron Paul have been screaming from the roof tops for decades that our […]

The Grotesque Truth! It Needs to Be Exposed!

The article below explains the corporate, semantic fraud that has been perpetrated upon us for over 150 years. This deceit is what has enabled the criminal takeover of what we have been led to believe are government entities. It is the reason the banks feel that it’s OK to commit massive fraud, in broad daylight, […]

Bubble In Search of a Pin

Central banks peddle only one thing … Debt! Before the existence of the Western central banking system and the Federal Reserve, the U.S. Treasury Dept. “coined” and distributed the nations money. There was no private central bank creating money out of thin air (debt) and loaning it, at interest, to the U.S. government. In other […]

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